The ICEfaces Component Suite provides a completeset of enhanced standard and custom JavaServer Faces (JSF) components. These components provide the following additional benefits over other JSF components:

  • Optimized to fully leverage ICEfaces Direct-to-Dom rendering technology providing seamless incremental user-interface updates for all components without full-page refreshes (partial-page rendering).

  • Support for additional attributes for ICEfaces-specific features such as effects, partialSubmit, renderedOnUserRole, etc.

  • Support for comprehensive component styling via predefined component style sheets that are easily customized.

Using the ICEfaces Component Suite complete JSF applications may be rapidly developed that fully leverage the rich application features that ICEfaces provides:

  • Smooth, incremental page updates without full-page refreshes.

  • Asynchronous server-initiated user-interface updates without polling.

  • Rich AJAX-enabled web applications with no JavaScript development required.

  • User context preservation during page update, including scrollbar positioning and user focus.

  • Fine-grained user interaction during form entry that augments the standard submit/response loop.